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The holiday home

Holiday with a difference, combining modernity and rustic style, in a more than 100-year-old house in northern Italy. The renovated domicile is equipped with all the amenities that go far beyond the standard of a hotel room in terms of quality and flair.

A house with 3 floors and a total living area of 75m² awaits you. Each floor has a generous 25m² of living space. In addition to the fireplace, central heating ensures that La Bella Casa is heated in winter.

The bathroom and the kitchen are on the ground floor. The bedrooms and the living area are on the upper floors.

Exterior & Courtyard

The Bathroom

The highlight in the modern bathroom is probably the bathtub with integrated jacuzzi. Enjoy quiet and relaxed hours here, alone or with your partner. Towels, toilet paper, shampoo and washing lotions are provided for the bathroom. You don’t need to bring anything with you.

The Kitchen

Home-cooked and homemade is the best and always tastes familiar. You will love the kitchen at La Bella Casa Gingelina. It is fully equipped with a stove, dishwasher, sink and fridge. The stove is modern and equipped with 4 ceramic electric plates and an electric oven. Nothing can go wrong with the gratin. Pans, pots and tea towels are of course available.

Crockery, cutlery, glasses and cups are also sufficiently available and would even be enough for more than 4 people. When the weather is nice, the meal is set on the spacious terrace, when the weather is bad at the comfortable round table.

The highlight in our kitchen is probably the classic espresso machine. Served at any time and after every meal. All the necessary utensils for enjoyment are also available here.

The Bedrooms

The heavenly highlight for the night awaits you on the first floor. The big king size boxer bed. Of course with an overwhelming view of Monte Serva. Bed linen and bed linen are sufficiently available. You will also find separate summer and winter bedwear.

On the second floor is the second bed and the cozy living room. Here too with a breathtaking view! Bedding is also sufficiently available.

The living room

In the same room on the second floor is the living room. Here you can rest comfortably, use the multimedia system and watch your own DVDs or normal satellite TV with German channels. A small classic desk completes the homely feeling.

The ground floor

Next to the kitchen is the small dining area and a cozy rest and reading area next to the fireplace. In summer a design highlight and in winter a cozy and cozy place to cuddle and chat.

The economic space

In order to make a longer stay even more homely and independent for you and your family, we offer a fully-fledged washing machine and sufficient cleaning materials in the utility room.

Enjoy a breathtaking holiday in La Bella Casa Gingelina with up to 4 people, on warm and cold days! We are looking forward to your visit.