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Dino Buzzati

Legends & Stories

One of the most renowned writers of the region is Dino Buzzati.

Dino Buzzati-Traverso was born in 1906 as the second of four children in the Dolomite village of San Pellegrino.

After his graduation, following his father’s wish, he studied law. After completing his studies he continued his studies in a military school and went for military service.He joined in 1928 as an employee the daily Corriere della Sera in Milan. This work as an editor he continued until his death. The only interruption was duringthe Second World War. During the war he served as a naval officer and war correspondent in North Africa and Sicily.
In addition to his literary work, he also worked as a painter, illustrator and stage designer. In the last decade of life, Buzzati turned to his Christian faith.
Buzzati’s works are influenced by Franz Kafka and are attributed to surrealism. One of his famous novels, published in the Second World War, was “The Tartar desert” where the strong existentialist traits are defined. He collected also many legends and tales of this home, the Dolomite Region.